Canciones de Queen

¿Las canciones de Queen te gustan? En este apartado podrás encontrar las letras de las canciones de Queen para que si quieres puedas cantarlas a viva voz, realizar versiones o únicamente tener un conocimiento preciso de aquello que dicen. Aquí hemos reunido el máximo número de letras de canciones de Queen que hemos podido, con la intención de que aquellos que, al igual que tú, buscan canciones de Queen, logren encontrarlas agrupadas en una sola web.

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'39 200
(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care 226
A Human Body 345
A Kind Of Magic 137
A New Life Is Born 238
A Winter's Tale 230
Action This Day 252
Affairs 299
Ain't Put Nothin' Down 199
All Dead All Dead 347
All God's People 268
All Right Now 259
Another One Bites The Dust 281
Another World 312
April Lady 289
Baby It's Alright 172
Back Chat 153
Back To Storm / Little Boogie 188
Back To The Light 272
Barcelona 341
Bicycle Race 238
Big Spender 268
Bijou 229
Blurred Vision 282
Body Language 328
Bohemian Rhapsody 246
Breakthru 325
Brighton Rock 291
Bring Back That Leroy Brown 134
C-lebrity 205
Call Me 197
Calling All Girls 165
Can't Get Enough 337
Chinese Torture 332
Coming Soon 345
Cool Cat 207
Cosmos Rockin' 133
Crazy Little Thing Called Love 272
Dancer 226
Dead on Time 302
Dear Friends 322
Death On Two Legs 141
Delilah 173
Doing All Right 342
Don't Lose Your Head 270
Don't Stop Me Now 125
Don't Try So Hard 214
Don't Try Suicide 352
Dragon Attack 230
Dreamer's Ball 191
Driven By You 176
Drowse 296
Face It Alone 339
Fat Bottomed Girls 226
Father To Son 317
Feel Like 169
Feelings, Feelings 244
Fight From The Inside 358
Flash 282
Flick Of The Wrist 215
Fooling Around 264
Friends Will Be Friends 215
Fun It 186
Funny How Love Is 302
Get Down, Make Love 170
Gimme Some Lovin' 192
Gimme The Prize (Kurgan's Theme) 144
God Save The Queen 194
Going Back 373
Good Company 155
Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy 336
Great King Rat 196
Hammer To Fall 282
Hang On In There 317
Hangman 270
Headlong 212
Heaven For Everyone 174
Hello Mary Lou 145
Hijack My Heart 299
How Can I Go On 124
I Can't Live With You 178
I Go Crazy 203
I Guess We're Falling Out 208
I Want It All 300
I Want To Break Free 335
I Was Born To Love You 259
I'm Going Slightly Mad 175
I'm In Love With My Car 168
If You Can't Beat Them 215
Imagine 306
In Only Seven Days 279
In The Lap Of The Gods 326
In The Lap Of The Gods (Revisited) 151
Innuendo 226
Is Everybody Happy? 260
Is This The World We Created? 249
It's a Beautiful Day 146
It's a Hard Life 125
It's Late 319
It's So You 239
Jailhouse Rock 138
Jealousy 127
Jesus 136
Keep Passing The Open Windows 369
Keep Yourself Alive 158
Khashoggi's Ship 126
Killer Queen 284
Las Palabras De Amor 355
Lazing On a Sunday Afternoon 265
Leaving Home Ain't Easy 228
Let Me Entertain You 242
Let Me In Your Heart Again 209
Let Me Live 128
Let There Be Drums 188
Liar 276
Life Is Real 367
Lily Of The Valley 228
Long Away 373
Lost Opportunity 233
Love kills 164
Love Makin' Love 348
Love Of My Life 141
Machines (Or Back To Humans) 290
Mad The Swine 220
Made in Heaven 286
Man From Manhattan (feat. Eddie Howell) 124
Man On The Prowl 354
Misfire 236
Modern Times Rock'n'Roll 271
Money Can't Buy Me Happiness 213
More Of That Jazz 143
Mother Love 329
Mustapha 262
My Baby Does Me 229
My Fairy King 153
My Life Has Been Saved 126
My Love Is Dangerous 317
My Melancholy Blues 302
My Secret Fantasy (Demo) 261
Need Your Loving Tonight 269
Nevermore 255
No One But You 236
Now I'm Here 265
Ogre Battle 330
One Vision 279
One Year Of Love 368
Pain Is So Close To Pleasure 153
Party 145
Play The Game 370
Polar Bear (Demo) 156
Princes Of The Universe 250
Procession 243
Put Out The Fire 210
Radio Ga Ga 166
Rain Must Fall 220
Reaching Out / Tie Your Mother Down (feat. Paul Rodgers) 203
Ride The Wild Wind 345
Ride The Wild Wind (Early Version With Guide Vocal) 163
Robbery (Demo) 352
Rock In Rio Blues 333
Rock It (Prime Jive) 366
Runaway 218
Sail Away Sweet Sister (To The Sister I Never Had) 269
Save Me 233
Say It's Not True 216
Scandal 310
Seaside Rendezvous 287
See What a Fool I've Been 273
See What A Fool I've Been (BBC Session) 193
Seven Seas Of Rhye 218
She Makes Me 174
Sheer Heart Attack 332
Silver Salmon 219
Sleeping On The Sidewalk 209
Small 354
Some Day, One Day 310
Some Things That Glitter 258
Somebody To Love 316
Son And Daughter 331
Soul Brother 139
Spread Your Wings 328
State Of Shock (feat. Michael Jackson) 151
Staying Power 292
Stealin' 297
Still Burning 233
Stone Cold Crazy 230
Surf's Up, School's Out 193
Sweet Lady 138
Tavaszi Szél 239
Tear It Up 211
Tenement Funster 298
Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together) 279
Thank God It's Christmas 263
The Call (46664) 372
The Fairy Fellers Master-stroke 279
The Golden Boy 198
The Great Pretender 315
The Hero 373
The Hitman 241
The Invisible Man 310
The Loser In The End 196
The March Of The Black Queen 296
The Millionaire Waltz 255
The Miracle 368
The Night Comes Down 288
The Prophet's Song 266
The Show Must Go On 371
The Wedding March 197
These Are The Days Of Our Lives 135
Through The Night 348
Tie Your Mother Down 331
Time 126
Time To Shine 294
Too Much Love Will Kill You 289
Tutti Frutti 197
Under Pressure (feat. David Bowie) 120
Voodoo 299
Warboys (A Prayer For Peace) 225
Was It All Worth It? 179
We Are The Champions 120
We Believe 149
We Will Rock You 371
White Man 208
White Queen (As It Began) 343
Who Needs You 266
Who Wants To Live Forever 326
Why Don't We Try Again 320
Wishing Well (feat. Paul Rodgers) 210
You And I 121
You Don't Fool Me 306
You Take My Breath Away 298
You're My Best Friend 130
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Es cierto que tal vez no seas un gran fanático de Queen, tal vez te hallas aquí por una sola canción de Queen que te gusta. Si es así, te recomendamos que le eches un vistazo al resto de letras de canciones de Queen, puede que te enamores de alguna más. A menudo si te gusta una canción de Queen suele pasar que te gusten muchas otras canciones de Queen.

Las letras de las canciones de Queen a menudo siguen ciertas pautas que puedes llegar a descubrir si te fijas bien. ¿Te animas a ver cuál es? Para ello solo tienes que leer bien las canciones de Queen y fijarte no solo en lo qué dicen, sino por qué temas suele tener preferencia, si le gusta algún tipo de figura retórica en especial, si tiene tendencia a utilizar muchos adjetivos. Analizar las letras de las canciones de Queen puede ser muy divertido y si te gusta componer, puede ayudarte a encontrar fórmulas para crear tus propias composiciones.

Esperamos que te gusten estas letras de canciones de Queen, y que te sean de utilidad. Como siempre, intentamos ir mejorando y creciendo, por lo que si no has encontrado las letras de las canciones de Queen que buscabas, vuelve pronto, ya que actualizamos nuestras bases de datos con frecuencia para poder ofrecer todas las canciones de Queen y de otros muchos artistas lo más rápido posible.