Canciones de a-ha

¿Las canciones de a-ha te gustan? En este apartado puedes encontrar las letras de las canciones de a-ha para que si lo deseas puedas cantarlas a todo volumen, versionarlas o sencillamente saber exactamente lo que dicen. Hemos tratado de reunir el máximo número de letras de canciones de a-ha que hemos podido, con el objetivo de que las personas que, de la misma manera que tú, buscan canciones de a-ha, puedan encontrarlas reunidas en una sola página web.

Canción Visitas
#9 Dream 319
(Seemingly) Nonstop July 320
A Break In The Clouds 244
A Fine Blue Line 182
A Little Bit 161
A Question Of Lust 343
Afternoon High 224
All The Planes That Come In On The Quiet 175
And You Tell Me 259
Angel In The Snow 261
Are We Ourselves 311
Barely Hanging On 400
Between Your Mama And Yourself 328
Birthright 295
Breathe 394
Butterfly, Butterfly 264
Cannot Hide 362
Case Closed On Silver Shore 190
Cast In Steel 260
Celice 353
Cold As Stone 277
Cold River 393
Cosy Prisons 362
Cry Wolf 233
Crying In The Rain 167
Dark Is The Night For All 150
Days On End 172
Did Anyone Approach You? 280
Differences 373
Digital River 347
Don't Do Me Any Favours 241
Door Ajar 258
Dot The I 338
Dragonfly 278
Driftwood 343
Early Morning 167
East Of The Sun 174
Foot Of The Mountain 371
Forest Fire 365
Forever Not Yours 322
Giving Up The Ghost 237
Go To Sleep 377
Goodbye Thompson 286
Halfway Through The Tour 279
Heaven's Not For Saints 288
Here I Stand And Face The Rain 219
Holyground 285
How Sweet It Was 186
Hunting High And Low 214
Hurry Home 330
I Call Your Name 378
I Dream Myself Alive 350
I Just Died In Your Arms 297
I Wish I Cared 279
I Won't Forget Her 365
I'm In 362
I've Been Losing You 155
Inwendig Warm 193
Keeper Of The Flame 260
Lamb to The Slaughter 259
Less Than Pure 309
Lesson One 272
Lie Down In Darkness 337
Lifelines 190
Little Black Heart 228
Living a Boy's Adventure Tale 401
Living At The End Of The World 153
Locust 321
Love Is Reason 221
Make It Soon 334
Manhattan Skyline 190
Mary Ellen Makes The Moment Count 211
Maybe Maybe 366
Memorial Beach 168
Minor Earth Major Sky 397
Minor Key Sonata (Analogue) 179
Monday Mourning 198
Mother Nature Goes to Heaven 311
Move To Memphis 388
Mythomania 380
Never, Never 387
Nothing Is Keeping You Here 388
Nothing To It 262
Objects In The Mirror 343
October 380
Oranges on Apple Trees 155
Out Of Blue Comes Green 191
Over The Treetops 227
Presenting Lily Mars 403
Real Meaning 206
Riding The Crest 379
Rolling Thunder 274
Scoundrel Days 283
Shadow Endeavors 198
Shadowside 336
Shapes That Go Together 199
She's Humming a Tune 329
Slender Frame 309
Soft Rains Of April 180
Solace 191
Sole Survivor 203
Sox Of The Fox 301
Start The Simulator 166
Stay On These Roads 277
Stop! And Make Your Mind Up 272
Summer Moved On 258
Sunny Mystery 292
Sycamore Leaves 344
Så blåser det på jorden 394
Take On Me 400
Take On Me (Acoustic) 265
The Bandstand 352
The Blood That Moves The Body 173
The Blue Sky 200
The Company Man 377
The End Of The Affair 247
The Killing Moon 221
The Living Daylights 346
The Love Goodbye 348
The Summers Of Our Youth 154
The Sun Always Shines On T.V. 163
The Sun Never Shine That Day 190
The Swing Of Things 285
The Wake 324
The Way We Talk 231
The Weight Of The Wind 228
There's a Reason For It 241
There's Never a Forever Thing 280
This Alone Is Love 271
This Is Our Home 228
Thought That it Was You 254
Time & Again 248
To Let You Win 296
To Show It Is To Blow It 176
Touchy! 384
Train Of Thought 236
Turn The Lights Down 238
Under The Make-Up 260
Velvet 207
Waiting For Her 385
We're Looking For The Whales 195
What There Is 403
What's That You're Doing To Yourself 283
White Canvas 155
White Dwarf 366
You Are The One 162
You Have Grown Thoughtful Again 340
You Wanted More 390
You'll End Up Crying 187
You'll Never Get Over Me 395
Canción Visitas

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